About Adventure Travelers

Adventure Traveling Family

This is us.  We are a family of adventure travelers, thrill seekers, and adrenaline junkies.  I’m Trisha, the lone girl in the family.  My husband Lorin joins me on most adventures, and our teenage boys, Robby and Riley, tag along often enough.  As a family, we’ve been blessed to be able to hop around the globe together. As a mother, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to show my kids some of this beautiful planet.  Sometimes we journey by motorcycle, sometimes by plane, car, ship, train or even a rubber raft.  Sometimes, a journey is all about the method of travel, and other times, it’s more about the destination.  But it’s always about the opportunity to see something new, experience something grand, and to be able to live in the moment. Fortunately, the world is big and the long and winding road is always waiting.

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