Back at Home – For a Bit!

After our motorcycle trip, we settled back into the routine of home life.  It was nice to sleep in my own bed, wake up to morning brew from my espresso machine, and to see my family and friends on a regular basis.  The boys felt the same way, and they loved being back with their friends.  But a strange thing was happening.  The further we got away from the daily grind of the motorcycle trip, the more we appreciated the sheer joy of the experience.  Not a day went by where one of us didn’t bring up an experience or memory from the trip.  The funny thing is, the most talked about experiences were those that at the time, seemed rather mundane like a meal cobbled together on the side of the road that consisted of stale crackers, warm cheese and fruit, or the wolves that kept us up at night in Yellowstone.

By the time August rolled around, Robbie was getting ready to leave for college in Arizona and Riley was getting restless.  With Robbie leaving, the value of the time we had together on our motorcycle trip was increasing every day.  As I write this, he is already gone and settled into his college life, and I can say that all of the time, expense, and effort to make that trip a reality was worth it.  Those memories I will forever hold close to my heart.  So when Riley came to us in early August with the suggestion of another adventure of some sort before he leaves the nest for good, we couldn’t say no.

The question now became, what do we do? We considered buying a vintage Volkswagen bus and embarking on another road trip, but in the end, a sailing adventure won out.  All that remained was to buy a boat, learn to sail, plan a route, and head out – all within the next month.  Sounds impossible, but several things fell into place that made it all happen, so it was time to set sail!  Besides, Riley figured he’d make a good pirate, so what do we have to lose!

It was nice to catch up with family again after a long absence.

It was nice to catch up with family again after a long absence.

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