Strangers aren’t Strangers and Slickrock isn’t Slick

It seems that we have picked quite the spring to do a cross country motorcycle trip. We’ve been dodging weather patterns for a couple of weeks now and sometimes we get lucky, and often times we don’t. Wherever we go, we see headlines and hear phrases like “the worst spring on record” or “the wettest May on record” or my favorite – “the craziest spring weather in a century”. Am I complaining? No way. If it weren’t for the tantrum Mother Nature is having lately, we wouldn’t have made our way to Moab and wouldn’t have met new friends.

Over Memorial weekend, we were originally planning on taking the ferry over Lake Powell and then heading to Bryce Canyon, Escalante, and Zion National Park. The cold weekend weather forecast for that area included snow, freezing rain, hard rain, soft rain, occasional rain showers, and – wait for it – more rain. Moab, on the other hand, looked like a tropical paradise in comparison with temperatures in the 60’s and only the threat of occasional thunderstorms. So Moab it was!

There was only one problem, outdoor enthusiast the world over were making their pilgrimage to Moab to play on the slick rock and surrounding areas. That meant hotels, motels, campgrounds, and even parking lots were full to capacity. What was a girl to do? As adventure touring motorcyclists, we belong to the forum  Advrider is a group of likeminded fellow riders, many of whom open their homes to other travelers who may be passing through the area.  With no options for lodging in site, I turned to advrider for options.  Within an hour, a fellow rider named Rick Lawrence and his wife Chris generously opened their vacation home in Moab to us for the weekend. Not only that, Rick jumped on his bike and drove all the way over from his home in Colorado (a short 3+ hour jaunt) to meet us.

Within minutes of our arrival, Rick and his friend Bill (another adv rider) had us laughing like we were old friends. Any misgivings we may have had about staying at a stranger’s home were forgotten in laughter and stories that evening. As it turned out, that one evening was more rewarding than any hotel or campsite could ever be. Sometimes it pays to go way outside of your comfort zone to experience something new. After all, that’s what this whole trip has been about.

I want to extend a huge thank you to Rick and Chris for their generosity, hospitality, and local tour guide advice. Also, thank you immensely to Bill Grath for sharing his knowledge of the area and making us laugh in the process.



My brother-in-law and his daughter drove up from Flagstaff to ride with us for the day.  It was exciting to see a familiar face again!


This isn’t what you’d expect to see out in the dessert, but it sure is a beauty!


During a recent Grand Canyon Rafting trip, we learned to enjoy “wet hikes”. Judged by the weird looks he got from other hikers, this is the probably first time anyone did the hike in motorcycle boots.


There are many Anasazi petroglyphs along the trail and they are so well preserved. I am so fascinated by them.


There are incredible views in all directions in Moab.


Such a fun weekend!


Slickrock isn’t really slick.


Robbie being Robbie…


and Riley being Riley…

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