People Are Awesome

Since I last updated, we’ve made our way across Oklahoma, Texas and part of New Mexico. From Oklahoma City, we took I40 west to Santa Rosa, New Mexico. Why do I tell you this? Because if you’ve ever driven that stretch of road, you know it’s a bit boring. On a motorcycle, it’s a 400+ mile, wind-bashing beating.

Don’t get me wrong, a nice 85 mph cruise down the freeway isn’t the problem. Combine that with a fluctuating 20 to 35 mph side wind, unchanging scenery, and NO CURVES, and it it took its toll on us after a couple of hundred miles. I really felt bad for Riley who is on a crotch rocket with very little wind protection. I can tell he’s feeling it when we stop at a gas station and he gets off his bike as though he rode a horse at full gallop across the plains.

Although this stretch may have been a bit under-whelming on the bike, off the bike it has been truly rewarding. It seems like every time we stop at a gas station or restaurant, we get pleasantly delayed by people who want to know where we are going or where we came from. When we explain our trip, it’s usually met with, “WHAT? Are you serious? That’s awesome.”

If they are motorcyclists, then we talk “shop” for a bit. Most people are extremely intrigued by this Mom-Son journey and the well-wishes we receive are heart warming. If the people we visit with are non-motorcyclists, then they look at us like we are extraterrestrial creatures trying to climb Mount Everest. After visiting a little longer, their disbelief turns into complete support. By the time we leave, they are cheering us on, waving as we drive down the road, and wishing us the absolute best. I will forever hold fond memories of some of the people who have shared their smiles, their stories, and their valuable time with us.

Seriously – people are awesome.

I actually got him to smile for a picture!

I actually got him to smile for a picture!

Everything in Texas is bigger, including the signs!

Everything in Texas is bigger, including the signs!

He was shocked I didn't think it looked awesome.

He was shocked I didn’t think it looked awesome.

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