Planning for a 9,000 Mile Family Motorcycle Trip

A few months ago, in the middle of a yet another snowstorm, I had an epiphany.  “Why don’t I ride my motorcycle out west this summer?”  The more I thought about this, the more I liked the idea.  I ran it by my husband, and, amazing husband that he is, he was all for it.  It didn’t take long though for this simple, two week trip to grow into a family trip that will cover approximately 9,000 miles and take two months to complete.

Below is our proposed route.  It will take us through at least 13 National Parks, countless state parks, and along some of our nation’s most scenic roads and byways.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 6.04.22 PM


My plan is to camp out as much as possible, visit some family along the way, ride a lot of epic roads, and to show my boys some of this country’s most gorgeous places. Join our adventure and follow along with us here.

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  1. Last fall, I rode from Boston to Chicago to pick up the start of Route 66 and went all the way to the end in Santa Monica. It was amazing! Your trip sounds even more amazing and something that I’d like to do one day.


    • I would love to retrace Route 66 like you did. That sounds so wonderful. I think the ultimate would be to do it on an old Indian or a restored Triumph or BMW. Maybe that will be my next summer’s trip!


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