Getting Some Kicks on Route 66

One of my favorite roads in the southwestern US is the drive from Topcock, Arizona, to Kingman, Arizona, along Route 66.  This drive takes you through the historic town of Oatman. If you’ve never been to Oatman, you’ve missed out!  It’s a town as unique in character as any I’ve ever seen.  Sure it’s a tourist town with all of the tourist trappings, but the people (and the burros) that live there exemplify the American Southwest.  If you look past the souvenirs and the staged gunfights, you’ll find one small town with a whole lot of character.

Although the town is fascinating enough, the drive is the real draw.  The road twists and turns for miles with few straight stretches to be found.  There are old gold mines hiding in the hills, and the tunnels are fascinating to explore. Be careful though, there are old cars piled in the bottoms of several ravines as evidence of some rather unlucky motoroists who looked like they had a very bad day.

I’ve been lucky enough to drive this road on a motorcycle (FUN!), a jeep (FUN!), and a turbo charged BMW (FUN!).  I honestly have to say I can’t pick which was my favorite.  Maybe I need to go back and do it all over again.

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